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Are you studying? We can help you.

Are you or your child studying? Did you know that True Health can help you through VCE, Uni or further studies? Brahmi Tone, a Metagenics‚ĄĘ product, has been shown to improve cognitive function, memory, recall and learning in adults and teenagers. Acupuncture and ear seeds can also improve brain function

How to Avoid Antibiotics this Winter

We are all well aware that excessive prescription of antibiotics is becoming an increasing problem. I am constantly coming across articles in papers and my favourite newsfeed apps exclaiming that antibiotics are no longer working and all we are doing is creating superbugs that cannot be treatment. So what about

Health Maintenance With Chinese Medicine

As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine for over 10 years I am consistently trying to educate and help other people but I also understand the importance of maintaining my own health. When I think about health I focus on food, exercise and maintenance treatment. The food and exercise are easy

Probiotics and a Healthy Gut

Did you know that we need some “good” bacteria to help us with our digestive wellness? ¬†We are now stocking a comprehensive range of high quality practitioner-dispensed probiotics to help with a wide selection of health problems. Not all probiotic strains are the same, and therefore different strains are used

Children’s Nutritional Care

We have started stocking a good range of fantastic quality nutritional products specifically designed to help children. The products can help with: behavioural changes immune function stress and anxiety (including bed wetting) improved sleep improved digestive function help ease muscular aches and pains brain development We have tasting samples available