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Acupuncture Treatment of Sports Injuries and Pain

Dr Benjamin Heathcote is a fully registered Acupuncturist. Contact Dr Ben at         A few weeks ago, Matt Smith and I attended a professional development seminar on the topic of Acupuncture for Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance. The presenter was Whitfield Reaves, an acupuncturist of 35

Chinese Medicine and IVF

Dr Benjamin Heathcote is a fully registered Acupuncturist.   Contact Dr Ben at         Treatment for reproductive issues has a long history in Chinese medicine. And today acupuncture is well regarded in assisting IVF treatment for couples having trouble conceiving. As acupuncture treatments are customised for the individual

Chinese Medicine and Sexual Dysfunction

Dr Matt Boyle is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. He is a Registered Acupuncturist and a Registered Chinese Herbalist.  You can contact Dr Matt at       In today’s society we are constantly bombarded with advertising for pills, sprays and invasive interventions to deal with the apparent plethora of sexual

Chinese Medicine for Anxiety

Dr Benjamin Heathcote is a fully registered Acupuncturist.   Contact Dr Ben at         Anxiety disorders affect over 1.3 million Australians. It can affect anyone at any age and can range from mild to severely debilitating. When we talk about anxiety it can mean different things

2015/16 Holiday Season Clinic Hours

During the holiday season, True Health will be open during the following hours: Thursday, 24 December: 9am – 2pm Friday, 25 December: CLOSED Saturday, 26 December: CLOSED Sunday, 27 December: CLOSED Monday, 28 December: CLOSED Tuesday, 29 December: 10am – 6pm Wednesday, 30 December: 10am – 6pm Thursday, 31 December: