Staff Party Archery Competition
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Staff Party Archery Competition

For our end-of-year activity this year, we selected archery. Last Saturday we went to the Moorabbin Archery Club and had a fantastic afternoon being guided on the basics of archery by senior club members, Jim and Lloyd, before finishing the day with two different competitions.

Once the safety and instructional aspects were done, we had almost an hour of practice to hone our skills. After this, we each shot 30 arrows with a maximum possible accumulative score of 180.

Matt S came first, beating Barbara by only one point, with Matt B, Dave, Lisa and Ben all close as well.

After this, we had a marksman shootout where it was best arrow left standing until one winner remained. Adam won this by the narrowest of margins, again from Barbara. Check out his amazing winning shot below!

It was a great activity that none of us had much experience with, and overall, everyone reported that they’d had heaps of fun.


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