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Ear candling

Does your body produce excessive ear wax? Do you have difficulty hearing? Do you suffer from persistent earaches, middle ear infections, ringing in the ears (tinnitus) or Swimmer’s ear?

Ear candling could provide you with some relief.


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What is ear candling?

Ear candling is a therapy where long thin ‘candles’ are gently inserted into your outer ear canal. These candles are made from linen or gauze sheets that are then soaked in beeswax and allowed to harden into rolled tubes.

Once inserted into your ear, the opposite end of the candle is set alight, creating a light vacuum that softly draws earwax and debris into the candle from your middle ear and sinus.


More than your ear

It’s not just you ears that can benefit from ear candling. Ear candling has also been known to help with sinus problems such as chronic sinus pain and sinusitis, rhinitis, excessive mucus build up, nasal infections, common colds and flu, and sinus headaches.

It’s also helpful with other disorders including headaches and migraines, stress, Crohn’s disease, vertigo and dizziness syndromes, and Meniere’s disease.


What happens during a treatment?

While your ear candle is burning, your ear candling specialist will gently massage acupuncture points (acupoints) on your face and head, helping to stimulate healing and deep relaxation.

Once the first candle is finished, your therapist will assist you to turn to your opposite side and repeat the treatment for your other ear.

Treatment is very relaxing and it is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep during a session.

You remain fully clothed for the duration of your treatment and are also covered with a blanket or towel. Our professional therapists will remain with you at all stages of the treatment, to ensure your safety and comfort.

Each candle takes approximately half an hour to burn. At the completion of the session, special lavender oil is gently applied to the outer ear to help clean and lubricate the ear canal.

Ear candling is suitable for people of all ages including pregnant women.


Does it hurt?

When performed correctly, ear candling is a safe and painless therapy.

Our therapists use special plastic cones that help to ensure a comfortable, personalised fit for each candle, to ensure the best possible treatment result.

The sensation of candling is very relaxing with patients often falling asleep during a session.

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Does ear candling hurt?

Ear candling is very gentle. We use special cones that are inserted into your ear canal to ensure a comfortable, perfect fit for your individual ear shape and size. It is painless, very relaxing and often patients fall asleep during a session.

How long are ear candling appointments?

Due to the size of the ear candles we use, treatments take one hour (half an hour for each ear).

How much will this cost me?

Treatment cost for ear candling is $100. Please find our treatment charges here.