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New Patients

Welcome to True Health. We’re so happy that you’re interested in seeing one of our practitioners. We’re sure that we can help you on your path to true health and wellbeing.

In order to treat you safely and effectively, when you first come to True Health your new practitioner will have a few questions about your medical history. We know this can feel like an invasive process, but rest assured that this process is necessary to provide you with an appropriate level of care, and that all information gathered is absolutely confidential.

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At True Health, we believe in making life easy. Taking a medical history can be a lengthy process, so we’ve made it even easier for our patients by creating a ‘New Patient’ form that can be downloaded from our website.

Please feel free to download and complete this form, and bring it with you to your first appointment.

Just click here.

The right level of care

We understand that different people need different types of healthcare. True Health offers you different levels of care so you can find a style that best suits you.

  • Crisis Care – Just as it sounds, ‘crisis care’ helps to resolve acute problems quickly. The focus is on getting you feeling better as soon as possible at a low cost.
  • Scheduled Care – This involves a specific treatment program. Our healthcare professionals will work with you over several treatments to resolve lingering health problems in a more comprehensive way than is possible with crisis care. It requires more treatments in the short-term, but greater benefits in the long-term.
  • Maintenance Care – This type of care is very effective at helping you overcome chronic, recurring problems that are caused by lifestyles and jobs. It helps you to maintain your health by having regular treatments, usually every one to two months. Maintenance care allows known problems to be dealt with and new issues to be dealt with as they arise.
  • Preventative Care – If you are interested in feeling healthy and preventing problems before they arise, preventative care is for you. Regular visits to a variety of our healthcare team allow us to keep you feeling your best.