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Massage for Computer Athletes

Adam Raponi is an experienced gamer and Remedial Massage Therapist.

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Technology plays a huge role in most people’s lives, whether it will be for work or entertainment. It is common for most of us to use technology devices for long periods at a time. Computers, Smartphones, Tablets and even gaming consoles are overused and the repetition can cause injuries and other conditions that lead to chronic pain are increasingly common and cause a variety of symptoms that can take a toll.

Bad postural habits, along with carpal tunnel syndrome are most common workplace issues. Along with overuse, poor posture being the cause of painful conditions affecting the neck, shoulders and back. Additionally, improper posture can sometimes be the result of other conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Massage therapy is proving beneficial in helping clients with chronic pain find relief, it can help reduce postural imbalances, nerve entrapment, inflammation in the tissues, and trigger points and their referrals. In addition, massage therapy can address the symptoms caused by nerve compression if the nerve compression is due to improper posture.

Massage therapy being beneficial for a pelvic imbalance that might cause back discomfort and pain, forward head posture is contributing to neck and upper back pain.  A shortening of the anterior musculature in the abdomen and chest that causes back pain can also benefit from massage.












Some quick tips for you that are more ergonomic and can reduce the chance of creating poor postural habits.

  • Go wireless, if you use a laptop invest in a wireless mouse and keyboard which can really help a more ergonomic work environment.
  • Ergonomic keyboards, these can be great tools to help decrease the risk of strain on the hands and wrist for people who have to work on a computer daily, though proper set up and use is key to success.
  • Get moving, some stretches or movement exercise they might do to help relieve the strain and tension. Even get up and grab a drink of water or beverage.
  • Simple awareness, just be aware of your slouching posture and forward tilting of the head. Bring those shoulders and head back to a normal sitting posture.

Have a great summer, and happy gaming!